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    Meet the Thompsons

    We are Jeffrey Paul, Christine, Eliana, Silas, and Adiel Thompson .

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    Our Family

    We love animals, our dogs, puppies, horse, and tortoises

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Jeffrey Paul, Christine, Eliana, Silas, and Adyel Thompson

Nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of your Coton de Tulear puppy…with training, exercise, and love!

We have been raising these beautiful, amazing, and sweet Coton de Tulear puppies since 2007 and loving every moment with the precious coton puppies before they go to their new homes.

Puppies Have Arrived!!

Eleanor delivered a beautiful litter of five puppies on July 11, 2024! There are three boys and two girls, one tricolor, one black and white and three white puppies. We named them Pearl, Opal, Topaz, Owen, and Dylan.

Becka delivered a stunning litter of five black and white puppies on July 14, 2024. We named them Breve, Cappuccino, Latte, Au-Lait, and Macchiato. There are three girls and two boys.

If you are interested in getting on our waitlist for a puppy, we ask for a $300 deposit and the  Application

Contact us at 303-912-2671 or christine@thompsoncotons.com

Jonny C – From Kumba’s 2009 litter – Tall Coton now in South Carolina

Before our puppies go to their new homes, they are trained to sit, socialized, they have had experience with crate training, they are almost potty trained, they are well-balanced and much more!

We are honored to help raise these Colorado Coton de Tulear puppies and blessed to get to know the families that they live with for the rest of their lives.  Our coton puppies are great with children because they are raised with our children!  We raise only the purebred Malagasy Coton de Tulear puppies.  If you are interested in a wonderful coton companion, please contact us.
Contact us at 303-912-2671 or christine@thompsoncotons.com.

We love walking and hiking with our coton puppies when they are old enough to follow us up the mountain where we live!

Pictured below; Snow II and  Gideon Boon had a litter of nine coton puppies in 2016, a coton record!

Snow II (right) and Gideon Boon (left) with their nine puppies - summer 2016 - Kaya, the ever faithful aunt, behind them!
Snow II (right) and Gideon Boon (middle) with their nine coton puppies – summer 2016 – Kaya, the ever faithful aunt, behind them!

Cotons are such a special breed.  They are attractive, hypo-allergenic, and the right combination of playful, athletic, affectionate, and gentle.  Cotons are thrilled to go for long walks, even several times a day, but they are not demanding of exercise, especially as adults. You can run and hike with a coton, they will go as far as you can, or they are happy to sit and snuggle while you read a book.   They love attention and the more love you give them, the happier they are.  Cotons walk in grace and beauty. In our opinion, they are a small treasure!

 For more information about our female coton mothers and our male coton, go to Meet the Parents

We are a family raising Coton de Tulear puppies in our home in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We believe that happy dogs make content and healthy coton puppies. We hike with our dogs several times a day. We do a big hike at sunset and race the sun! We leave our home about 20 minutes before sundown and try to get to the top of the mountain before the sun starts to dip behind the mountains on the horizon! Our dogs always make it…we usually beat the sun, but not always. 

Our coton puppies are whelped and raised in our family room, which we call the puppy sanctuary, and our entire house, with constant care, love, and affection from us. They also have lots of room to roam outside as they get older.  When our coton puppies are about four weeks old, we start to grass train them.  We make it a priority to take them outside every hour or so to potty.  If the new owners are able to keep up this routine, our puppies have very few accidents.  We generally have puppies with color and at least one or two tall coton puppies in each litter.  The black and white puppies keep all or most of their color, and the tri-color puppies only fade a little as adult dogs.  To see pictures of some of our coton puppies as adults, go to our Adult Photos page. You can also enjoy a photo gallery of the puppies when they are with us on our Photos page. Our puppies are the rare Malagasy Coton de Tulear.

Our dogs are will us at all times, whether we are playing outside, relaxing inside, hiking, doing school, where ever we are, our dogs are with us.  At mealtimes they are under our feet!  We bathe and groom our coton dogs every couple of weeks.  It is not their favorite activity, however, it is good bonding.  Grooming each dog takes about 20 minutes or so.  

Read more about how we raise our puppies on the Our Difference page and Apply Today!

Horton - From Kumba's 2009 litter - now in Seattle WA