Our Children - Eliana, Adiel, and Silas with their puppies, Lassie and Snow

Please read the following before submitting your application.


It is important that we make every effort to have committed purchasers ready to accept our puppies at just the time they are ready to go to their new homes. This is the reason for the deposit.

If we find we can proceed with your purchase, you will be expected to send a check for $300.00 as a deposit. If we can’t give you the puppy you order, from the litter you specify, then your deposit will be refunded, within reason.

Sometimes potential purchasers may not understand why we want such detail from those who are on our waiting lists. The reason for this is so that we will know what to tell others who are considering sending a deposit. For instance, if there should already be a another party on the waiting list for a certain litter who have their hearts set on a darkly colored tri-color breeder quality female, then the person who feels the same way would probably choose another breeder – or another litter from the same breeder.

Health: Your puppy’s health is guaranteed; genetic health (for severe genetic health problems) is guaranteed up until the age of 24 months. You can expect that your puppy will be healthy at the time of delivery. If there is any minor problem in health, you will be informed before time of delivery, and will have the chance to refuse the puppy, even in the case of pet quality. If patellar luxation (loose knees) is more than stage 1, you will be informed before time of delivery, and will have the chance to refuse the puppy. Loose knees are very common in the small dog population. Stage 1 is allowed as breeder quality (bred to a stage 0). Many times patellar luxation will tighten a stage, as the puppy develops more muscle.

Temperament: Although all puppies seem to be born with basic temperament variations, Cotons are notably gentle and loving, and you may expect your Coton will have a wonderful temperament. In respect to minor differences in temperament types, the environment in the puppy’s home influences their temperament to a remarkable degree, just as in people. Therefore, we can only judge the puppies as they respond to their initial environments here in our home, in the midst of their littermates.  A shy puppy, when kept in our home, has almost always turned out to be confident later on, because of being taken out of the midst of a rough-and-tumble litter, and receiving lots of love and attention. We’ve also heard reports of this happening with other quiet puppies. Also, a less active puppy can become playful, where it receives playful stimulus; or a playful, active puppy will become quieter and more laid back in a home where all is calm and quiet, etc. In other words, Cotons will adjust to their human family to a great degree. Severe aggressive temperament syndrome (very rare in Cotons and never seen in our puppies) is covered under our guarantee until 24 months of age.

Preferences/Requirements: If you have preferences, please specify the puppy you want, according to the factors on the application, and tell us whether your statements are only preferences, or if they are requirements: Please understand that judgments as to size and temperament type are only our best estimation of what the dog will be as an adult.

Bite variations: This is one of the factors considered in judgments of quality (pet or potential breeder). The perfect bite is a scissor bite, where the top row of front teeth close over the bottom row, and the two rows are touching when the mouth is closed.  A slight under bite is where the bottom teeth in front are protruding past the top teeth, but the two rows are still touching at some point. A slight overbite is where the gap between front rows of teeth is no more than the thickness of a paper match stick. Some people do not mind the look of bite variations; some do. The bite variations will appear between the 9th and 10th week in Cotons, making it impossible to judge the quality before this time period. Perfect bite may be specified even in pet quality.

Lack of facial pigment: This is another main point in judging quality. If the puppy’s nose, mouth or eye rings should fail to fill in properly, then they cannot be used as breeder quality. Sometimes, however, a puppy’s pigment, when still missing at 9 – 10 weeks, will fill in completely by the age of one year. If purchased as a potential breeder, this puppy can be used as a breeder; however, if it is sold as pet quality, it must be neutered as per our contract. We will assume that all purchasers will prefer to have complete facial pigment; however, you may not specify perfect pigment if you order a pet quality puppy.

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