Proud Parents

We have two really intelligent german shepherds and I didn’t think ANY dog was smarter than them – however, this little dude takes it to a whole new level! He does sit, stay, come, leave it, shake, down, fetch, drop it (ok, sometimes).  And most times he needed only a couple repetitions.  He rings the bell at the back door when he needs to go out. He goes into his crate sometime after 8 at night until sometime between 6 and 7 in the morning and we never hear a peep from him. He just waits quietly until we open up his cage! Holding it at night for up to 8 hours, very happy about that!  Thank you to you all for the gift of Clyde!

Chloe is magical.  It was love at first sight.  She is sweet, calm, cuddly and gentle.  She brings joy to our family.

Poe is wonderful! It just gets better each day. He has brought so much joy to our home…we just love him! If you are looking to add a Coton to your family, look no further than Thompson Cotons. Christine and their family gave Poe a great start in life! Thank you!

My thanks to the Thompson family! The love and excellent care they give their dogs make it very easy for new “parents”. My little Primrose is cuddly, smart, calm and FUNNY. She is also really getting the hang of going outside to potty, as well as learning many other basic commands that puppies need to know. Christine definitely chose the right puppy for me! As so many others have said, there are not enough superlatives to describe the wonderful experience of getting a healthy, socialized, sweet dog from Thompson Cotons. You will be so happy you did!

Gracie is such a delight!  She is so sweet and very playful.  She has grown into the perfect dog!  We just love her so much! She is smart, never has any potty accidents and is so good with kids.  She is also good with our parrots.  She has accepted them into her pack and has never shown any aggression to them. This was such a relief to me, as it was a deciding factor in choosing a Coton.  She loves to have doggie friends come over to play. She absolutely loves going for walks and running at the off leash dog park.  She is an exceptionally fast runner and extremely graceful. It is so fun to watch her bound, bounce and leap through the field and woods.  The dog park regulars all know her by name, she delights all with  her boundless energy and playfulness.  We are so very pleased with our girl from Thompson Cotons.  She is loved very much and spoiled often. We couldn’t be more pleased with our darling girl.

Congratulations to the Five Thompsons!
Day One:  You did so very much more than you say in “Our Difference.”  Here is where we are after 24 hours together. We both slept like tired little puppies. I am so impressed by his behavior. He sits before a door, for his meals, has yet to make a mistake here.  He sleeps in the kennel,  without crying.  He walks on a light leash and sits when I stop walking, HONEST!  He does this every single time. He has bonded to me immediately so your tee shirt and toy deal work! It must make him feel secure, too.
Day Two:  This morning when it was time to take Teddy out I walked him to the front door. I thought he was pottying.  Shame on me to think such a thing! He was sitting so I would open the door so he could go out.
Silas, you were spot on.  Teddy is the best follower.  Today we walked down the block off leash and each and every time I stopped, he sat and looked up at me. You all did it! Five of you being so consistent gave me an obedient dog.  Now I must do my part and build on your efforts.
Day Three: Still not one accident in the house.  Your directions said, “potty after sleep, play, eat”.  Darn simple!
Day Four:  Today Teddy and I showed each other we were serious about our new relationship. He responded to his name over 40 times when I called him and he was welcoming as he met my almost 14 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  Teddy really wants Kip to be his pal but shows friendly caution when meeting a new pooches.
He is so cute and his behavior stunning. Certainly your training, exercise and love has paid off!  I have known many dogs and puppies and never have seen this before!  Thank you so much. You are all amazing with puppies!

Charlie is the sweetest, happiest, most loyal and affectionate puppy – better than I could have hoped! From his enthusiastic morning greeting, to cuddling up on the couch with me in the evening, Charlie brings joy all day long. He’s wonderfully social and friendly, making friends wherever we go. He loves to play with us and the cats at home, and when we visit my grandmother, he is very gentle and careful around her. He’s a very special puppy! He’s also very smart, learning new tricks and commands easily and can adapt to new situations with ease. I absolutely recommend Thompson Cotons, because their dogs are treated so well and the puppies are ready to become part of your family. These are, hands down, the best companion dogs you’ll find!

Marietta (now Alyeska Jubilee) has become the joy of our lives. When she’s excited she twirls clockwise. She smiles when she goes on walks. She loves to cuddle, and is genuinely sweet and loving. We feel we’re definitely a part of her pack, and she has changed our life for the better.

She is the most wonderful creature. Words are inadequate to describe how loving and attentive and gentle she is. She is the closest thing to pure perfection we have ever experienced. I say to Stephanie sometimes that Chloe is proof there is a God.

I was quite apprehensive about buying a puppy over the internet. After years of research I knew that a Malagasy Coton de Tulear was the breed I wanted but unfortunately there were no breeders here in Canada. I came across the Thompson family early in my search, I was impressed with the description of their breeding program, and how thorough their puppy rearing was. After being blessed to have one of their puppies; Maple (formerly Miranda) as part of our family for the past five months I can assure you everything on their ‘Our difference’ page is all true.  Christine worked with us to help decide which of the puppies would be best for our family, we sent her a blanket the kids and I had made with our scent on it but I was still very nervous about what to expect when I met her at the airport. I was completely blown away with how quickly Maple included me as part of her pack, it was amazing to see how relaxed, balanced and well socialized she was already, as well as how quickly she bonded with the rest of the family when we got home. She was a dream travel companion, on our flights and has been a wonderful companion since.
I would highly recommend if you are wanting to have one of these incredible dogs join your family make sure you do your research and get it from a breeder like Christine and her family, who give their puppies the best possible start in life. They have set the bar high for how all breeders should be raising their pups, and I hope to one day be able to emulate them.


We cannot thank you enough for allowing them into our lives. The amount of joy and love they have brought into our small family is enormous and we owe it all to you and your family for raising such good puppies. Each have their own distinct personalities, yet each are sweet, loving, cuddly, and well-behaved. Mollie loves running, chewing bully sticks, taking squeakers out of toys, belly rubs, and blowing bubbles in a baby pool in the yard. Ollie enjoys helping us with yard work, housework, cooking, cruising around the yard, chasing birds, and playing with squeaky toys (before Mollie disembowels them), and cuddling up to Carly and I to watch t.v.. They are the best of friends and roughhouse all day long.

Christine and Thompson Family— I cannot thank you and your family enough for raising Zippy Grif into such a wonderful puppy. He has fit in perfectly and seamlessly. People are amazed that he sleeps through the night, sits before eating and before coming into the house, and even sits when a car goes by while we are out walking! He is the most gentle puppy and we are so in love! People ask me what kind of dog he is and then want to know where to find you!

We will never get another breed from any other breeder.  Jack has stolen our hearts! He is by far the coolest dog we’ve ever had in our family (and we’ve had some wonderful dogs). I’m not sure if it’s weird to say a dog is your best friend but I’m going there. He is snuggly and loving and playful and funny. Even when he is naughty, you can’t help but laugh at what he does. He has a thing for doll hands…he doesn’t chew anything but their hands. We easily corrected him and it’s no longer his thing. But how weird is that. He loves to read books with the kids. He helps our youngest not be scared of the dark when going to bed. Thank you all so much for the love this fuzzy little man has brought into our lives.
She is just a bundle of fun! She has learned to play fetch, to sit and wait (although her little behind is wiggling), walk heel without leash, and the daily routines she has down to a „t“. When she misbehaves, e.g. eats the cat food, and I look at her with a serious face she disappears straight into her kennel.  She is so intelligent, amazing.
Checkers is such an amazing little puppy! He’s been able to go to the bathroom outside with out any accidents inside, he sleeps through the night, he doesn’t whine in his crate and he seems so happy and outgoing.  He is also calm and loving and we feel so blessed to have him!  We also feel this is all a reflection on the amazing job that you and your family have done raising him and we are so grateful to you!

Hi Thompson family! Just wanted to give you a quick update on Bo. We feel like we won the puppy lottery! He is such a fun sweet confident little guy. I was worried about how he would react to my 3 year old but I think from day one she is his favorite! Her Crazy running and screaming doesn’t faze him at all.  They are constant buddies. 🙂 Bohdi is kennel trained sleeps all night in his kennel and will go in when he’s tired for a nap. He walks on a leash is close to potty trained and sits lays down comes when we call he’s a quick learner. We’re taking a fun puppy class with his brother Spencer and they loved playing off leash last week. Thanks again for all the love and care you gave Bohdi in his first 9 weeks all that work really shows and paid off. 🙂

This is the Bizzarro-Parkin family, writing to you about our AMAZING dog, Maple. This is from all of us, but the person writing this is Celeste (10 years old).  Maple is the best dog I could of EVER asked for. And she is VERY VERY VERY smart. Right off the bat, she was learning tricks, and wanting to do challenges. She has learned many tricks such as sit, stay, release, spin, where’s Celeste,(which is where she finds me.) drop it, calm, shake, down, roll over, take a nap, wake up, and dance! She is one SUPER smart dog!

Lottie is the best thing that has happened to us in years. She brings laughter & joy to us everyday. She has brought so much happiness to all of us! Our family & friends are all in love with her as well. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with you all & with Lottie. She has the best personality of any animal I’ve ever had. Loving life with Lottie!

– Melanee (& family)

Our coton, Sebastian, has been a total joy to us.  Every step of the process has been easy.  Picking him up (at Denver Airport) went smoothly, he travels very well, and even at eight weeks he was well on his way toward being housebroken and a wonderful companion.  He even gets along well with our cat!  He has a delightful temperament and loves going for hikes, one of our favorite passtimes.  We couldn’t be happier!

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Thompson Cotons. The loving care they give to their puppies, and the attention they give to their customers, is outstanding. Their wonderful puppies are proof! Our puppy, Mitsiky (aka Frolic) is now 6 months old, a tall boy, and he is smart as can be, obedient, sociable, a great companion, and he adores us as much as we adore him! We are especially impressed by how well he travels. He came with us to visit family and hike in the Swiss Alps and seems to enjoy it as much as we do. Mitsiky is everything we were hoping for. We recommend the Thompsons and their amazing puppies to anyone looking for their ideal family dog.

 We are so happy that we did our research and found Thompson Cotons!  Christine,  Jeffrey and their three children all play a huge part in the excellent care and training that goes into raising the puppies until they are ready for their new homes.  Our Peyton is an amazing dog with a loving and playful personality.  He is so smart!
When we got him at 8 weeks he was basically potty trained to go outside.  He understood the sit command and was ready for further training.  He was totally socialized.  He loves children, adults, dogs and cats!  I can’t say enough about the love and care that they give to all of their puppies. They are brought up in a beautiful setting, given excellent food and training.  We would never go anywhere else for an amazing Coton!

I highly recommend anyone getting a puppy from the Thompson family. They did a marvalous job in sociaizing my puppy and she was almost housebroken. I received her in good health and she has a wonderful personality. Christine, her husband, and her children did a wonderful job. I also trust them to have good quality dogs, some of the other places I checked into…I did not feel they met my high standards. It was a delight doing business with Thompson Cotons. They do everything with the highest standard and care deeply about all their puppies. You can not go wrong with getting your puppy from the Thompson family.


No matter what praise we lavish here on Thompson Cotons and the pups they raise, it won’t be enough.  From day one, the puppies are members of a family, and that gives them a head start that is hard to describe.  They bond easily, listen well, are gentle and caring, love people (especially children) and by the time they enter their new homes they are essentially housebroken and trained in basic commands.  There was no difficult period of transition when our puppy came to us: within hours we found it hard to believe he hadn’t always been a part of the family.  We’ve had him for nearly a month, and we can’t imagine life without him.  Simply put, we will never buy any other breed from any other breeder.

We had never considered the importance of a great breeder until we brought our little guy home. He already had the foundation in place to potty outside, get along with people and dogs, and walk on his leash. Christine and her family set him up for success from the time he was born.  They also did a great job communicating about his development and posting lots of pictures while we waited for him to come home.  If you are still considering whether of not to get a Coton- look no further! They are sweet and small while still being so playful and brave! We could not be happier with Winnie and Thompson Cotons!

When my husband and I found Christine and her family, we knew immediately that this would be the home that we would want our puppy to come from. The love, care, and attention that this family gave to our guy, Mr. Feeny, was evident. They gave him the best start to life that I could have hoped for. When he finally came home to us we were amazed at how receptive to training and direction he was. Now that he has been in our family for a few months, we are still amazed at his intelligence, playfulness, and overall wonderful personality. We know that it is because of the Thompson’s that Mr. Feeny is the sweet pup that he is today. We are so thankful!


I am so happy with my new pup I want to tell everyone: “Stop looking for a puppy; look for a BREEDER. Make a personal connection with a breeder you feel shares your top criteria, and then wait for a puppy from them.” I followed this advice, I did my homework (I wanted a Malagasy) and found Christine at Thompson Cotons…

From our first correspondence I sensed this would be a relationship, not a transaction. Christine’s whole family helps her match each dog’s personality (“puppyality”) with prospective buyers, and they bring the dogs up in a house full of kids and love and Rocky Mountain air…

I will enjoy being owned by my new Thompson Coton, and will be sending you pics from his life in California as he grows up.

We have had Oliver for 6 weeks now and he has truly become a part of our family. He is adorable, smart, full of love and true in his affections. I want to thank you and your family for your guidance throughout the adoption process, and for nurturing Oliver from birth to 10 weeks when we adopted him. If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We are so glad to have met you and our Thompson Coton. Thank you again!

We love our Coton. The Thompson family truly loves its puppies and it’s obvious when they step through your door. We felt like we were being given a member of their family rather than a puppy bred for sale. If you’re on this website, then you’ve already decided that Cotons are great dogs. You’d be right. Ours is wonderful, patient (with a capital ‘P’), fun, smart, loving and protective but not yappy. “The more you love them, the more you get.” Mr. Thompson told us. And it’s really true.

Since my experience with you and Tavi, I have come to realize how important it is to buy from a knowledgeable and caring breeder.   You and your family gave Tavi such a great start it made it easy to continue to work with him.  Thank you for bringing such an amazing guy into our lives.  We love him so much!

We couldn’t be more pleased with our newest family member, Heidi Darcy of Thompson Cotons. Our lives have been forever enriched thanks to Christine, Jeffrey, Eliana, Silas and Adiel—so much so that we are making plans for a future Coton addition from Thompson Cotons!

This weekend marked Millie’s one month anniversary as a member of our family and we couldn’t be happier with her. In fact, we are both completely in love with her! This is largely because she is a fantastic and adorable puppy with a lovely personality. My husband and I are constantly surprised by how well she is doing with housebreaking, socialization, and how generally adaptable she is. We have you and your family to thank for this! Those first 9 weeks spent with your family, in your home, were invaluable. If there ever comes a time when we consider getting a second dog, there is no doubt that we would want another Thompson Coton. You’re the best!

Christine and her family gave Chelsey the best beginning she could have had. The exposure Chelsey received to people and kids in particular, as well as basic commands, were obvious once she came home. Christine puts a lot of love in what she does. Throughout the process (from birth to selecting the puppy to delivery of the puppy) she was professional, honest and responsive. Now that Chelsey is home, Christine has continued to maintain her commitment to Chelsey and our family when we have questions. We feel very fortunate in how it all worked out and how happy, healthy and loving Chelsey is turning out to be.

Thank you so much for our sweet Coco, the newest member of our family! We are so grateful that we found you and your adorable pups when we began our research for a new puppy many months ago. You have made this whole process so enjoyable and easy, from the first time we contacted you, to the times after Coco came to us and we had some questions we needed guidance with. Your entire family has been so warm to all of us, you have welcomed all questions, and have encouraged visits with you and your pups. It is so evident that each member of your family plays a valuable role in raising and nurturing the puppies until they find their forever homes. We are grateful that your children are so involved, as we believe that has been key in integrating Coco into a home with a lively 7 year old. Coco has been a pure delight, and has adjusted to our home so easily. We all find her personality to be friendly and outgoing. She is playful and fun, and loves everyone and everything, including the dogs and cats that were here to welcome her when she arrived. Coco is a hit wherever we go, and we are proud to tell everyone about how wonderful Thompson Cotons are!

Warmest regards,