Meet the Parents


Our children, (from left to right), Silas Job, Adyel Josie, and Eliana Joy.  Our dogs, (also from left to right), Olive, Gideon Boon, Little Anne Suki, Kaya is behind Little Anne, Snow II behind Kaya, Lady Lassie with Eliana, and Beulah with Adyel.   We share all of our dogs, but Snow II is Silas’s dog, Lady Lassie is Eliana’s dog and Beulah is Adyel’s dog.



From left to right – Lady Lassie, Kaya, Little Anne, Gideon Boon, and Snow II.  To see their pedigrees,  individual pictures, and find out more about each parent: Gideon Boon – Stud, Little Anne – Dam,  Lady Lassie – Dam, Kaya-Dam, and Lady Lassie-Dam


Behind our house, resting after a long hike!  Olive, Snow II, Little Anne Suki, Lady Lassie, and Gideon Boon.

On a hike with our dogs!!  From left to right and front to back, Kaya, Gideon Boon, Little Anne Suki, Olive, Snow II, Beulah, Lady Lassie and the tail end of a puppy we raised that was visiting, Peyton Sanders.