Little Anne’s spring puppies

Little Anne had a beautiful and healthy litter of puppies on the morning of March 27, 2017.  There are four boys and two girls.  She began having contractions around 5 am.  She delivered Horatio, a tricolor male at 6:58.  Then came Sawyer at 7:28, another tricolor male.  Clorinda, a tricolor female joined the group at 7:37.  Hobbs, the only black and white puppy came at 8:21.  Followed by Margarette, female, at 8:27 and the last male, Dunken  at 8:58, both tricolor puppies.  All of the puppies are doing great, nursing, and hoping Little Anne’s milk comes in soon!  We named these puppies from the book series Hornblower.  These puppies will be ready for their new homes in the beginning of June.