Nancy Carr

I was quite apprehensive about buying a puppy over the internet. After years of research I knew that a Malagasy Coton de Tulear was the breed I wanted but unfortunately there were no breeders here in Canada. I came across the Thompson family early in my search, I was impressed with the description of their breeding program, and how thorough their puppy rearing was. After being blessed to have one of their puppies; Maple (formerly Miranda) as part of our family for the past five months I can assure you everything on their ‘Our difference’ page is all true.  Christine worked with us to help decide which of the puppies would be best for our family, we sent her a blanket the kids and I had made with our scent on it but I was still very nervous about what to expect when I met her at the airport. I was completely blown away with how quickly Maple included me as part of her pack, it was amazing to see how relaxed, balanced and well socialized she was already, as well as how quickly she bonded with the rest of the family when we got home. She was a dream travel companion, on our flights and has been a wonderful companion since.
I would highly recommend if you are wanting to have one of these incredible dogs join your family make sure you do your research and get it from a breeder like Christine and her family, who give their puppies the best possible start in life. They have set the bar high for how all breeders should be raising their pups, and I hope to one day be able to emulate them.