The Nichol Family

Hi Thompson family! Just wanted to give you a quick update on Bo. We feel like we won the puppy lottery! He is such a fun sweet confident little guy. I was worried about how he would react to my 3 year old but I think from day one she is his favorite! Her Crazy running and screaming doesn’t faze him at all.  They are constant buddies. 🙂 Bohdi is kennel trained sleeps all night in his kennel and will go in when he’s tired for a nap. He walks on a leash is close to potty trained and sits lays down comes when we call he’s a quick learner. We’re taking a fun puppy class with his brother Spencer and they loved playing off leash last week. Thanks again for all the love and care you gave Bohdi in his first 9 weeks all that work really shows and paid off. 🙂