The Roses

Thank you so much for our sweet Coco, the newest member of our family! We are so grateful that we found you and your adorable pups when we began our research for a new puppy many months ago. You have made this whole process so enjoyable and easy, from the first time we contacted you, to the times after Coco came to us and we had some questions we needed guidance with. Your entire family has been so warm to all of us, you have welcomed all questions, and have encouraged visits with you and your pups. It is so evident that each member of your family plays a valuable role in raising and nurturing the puppies until they find their forever homes. We are grateful that your children are so involved, as we believe that has been key in integrating Coco into a home with a lively 7 year old. Coco has been a pure delight, and has adjusted to our home so easily. We all find her personality to be friendly and outgoing. She is playful and fun, and loves everyone and everything, including the dogs and cats that were here to welcome her when she arrived. Coco is a hit wherever we go, and we are proud to tell everyone about how wonderful Thompson Cotons are!

Warmest regards,