Lottie is the best thing that has happened to us in years. She brings laughter & joy to us everyday. She has brought so much happiness to all of us! Our family & friends are all in love with her as well. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with you all & with Lottie. She has the best personality of any animal I’ve ever had. Loving life with Lottie!

– Melanee (& family)

Thank you so much for our sweet Coco, the newest member of our family! We are so grateful that we found you and your adorable pups when we began our research for a new puppy many months ago. You have made this whole process so enjoyable and easy, from the first time we contacted you, to the times after Coco came to us and we had some questions we needed guidance with. Your entire family has been so warm to all of us, you have welcomed all questions, and have encouraged visits with you and your pups. It is so evident that each member of your family plays a valuable role in raising and nurturing the puppies until they find their forever homes. We are grateful that your children are so involved, as we believe that has been key in integrating Coco into a home with a lively 7 year old. Coco has been a pure delight, and has adjusted to our home so easily. We all find her personality to be friendly and outgoing. She is playful and fun, and loves everyone and everything, including the dogs and cats that were here to welcome her when she arrived. Coco is a hit wherever we go, and we are proud to tell everyone about how wonderful Thompson Cotons are!

Warmest regards,

Christine and her family gave Chelsey the best beginning she could have had. The exposure Chelsey received to people and kids in particular, as well as basic commands, were obvious once she came home. Christine puts a lot of love in what she does. Throughout the process (from birth to selecting the puppy to delivery of the puppy) she was professional, honest and responsive. Now that Chelsey is home, Christine has continued to maintain her commitment to Chelsey and our family when we have questions. We feel very fortunate in how it all worked out and how happy, healthy and loving Chelsey is turning out to be.

This weekend marked Millie’s one month anniversary as a member of our family and we couldn’t be happier with her. In fact, we are both completely in love with her! This is largely because she is a fantastic and adorable puppy with a lovely personality. My husband and I are constantly surprised by how well she is doing with housebreaking, socialization, and how generally adaptable she is. We have you and your family to thank for this! Those first 9 weeks spent with your family, in your home, were invaluable. If there ever comes a time when we consider getting a second dog, there is no doubt that we would want another Thompson Coton. You’re the best!

We couldn’t be more pleased with our newest family member, Heidi Darcy of Thompson Cotons. Our lives have been forever enriched thanks to Christine, Jeffrey, Eliana, Silas and Adiel—so much so that we are making plans for a future Coton addition from Thompson Cotons!

Since my experience with you and Tavi, I have come to realize how important it is to buy from a knowledgeable and caring breeder.   You and your family gave Tavi such a great start it made it easy to continue to work with him.  Thank you for bringing such an amazing guy into our lives.  We love him so much!

We love our Coton. The Thompson family truly loves its puppies and it’s obvious when they step through your door. We felt like we were being given a member of their family rather than a puppy bred for sale. If you’re on this website, then you’ve already decided that Cotons are great dogs. You’d be right. Ours is wonderful, patient (with a capital ‘P’), fun, smart, loving and protective but not yappy. “The more you love them, the more you get.” Mr. Thompson told us. And it’s really true.

We have had Oliver for 6 weeks now and he has truly become a part of our family. He is adorable, smart, full of love and true in his affections. I want to thank you and your family for your guidance throughout the adoption process, and for nurturing Oliver from birth to 10 weeks when we adopted him. If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We are so glad to have met you and our Thompson Coton. Thank you again!

I am so happy with my new pup I want to tell everyone: “Stop looking for a puppy; look for a BREEDER. Make a personal connection with a breeder you feel shares your top criteria, and then wait for a puppy from them.” I followed this advice, I did my homework (I wanted a Malagasy) and found Christine at Thompson Cotons…

From our first correspondence I sensed this would be a relationship, not a transaction. Christine’s whole family helps her match each dog’s personality (“puppyality”) with prospective buyers, and they bring the dogs up in a house full of kids and love and Rocky Mountain air…

I will enjoy being owned by my new Thompson Coton, and will be sending you pics from his life in California as he grows up.

When my husband and I found Christine and her family, we knew immediately that this would be the home that we would want our puppy to come from. The love, care, and attention that this family gave to our guy, Mr. Feeny, was evident. They gave him the best start to life that I could have hoped for. When he finally came home to us we were amazed at how receptive to training and direction he was. Now that he has been in our family for a few months, we are still amazed at his intelligence, playfulness, and overall wonderful personality. We know that it is because of the Thompson’s that Mr. Feeny is the sweet pup that he is today. We are so thankful!