Carol in St Louis Park, MN

Congratulations to the Five Thompsons!
Day One:  You did so very much more than you say in “Our Difference.”  Here is where we are after 24 hours together. We both slept like tired little puppies. I am so impressed by his behavior. He sits before a door, for his meals, has yet to make a mistake here.  He sleeps in the kennel,  without crying.  He walks on a light leash and sits when I stop walking, HONEST!  He does this every single time. He has bonded to me immediately so your tee shirt and toy deal work! It must make him feel secure, too.
Day Two:  This morning when it was time to take Teddy out I walked him to the front door. I thought he was pottying.  Shame on me to think such a thing! He was sitting so I would open the door so he could go out.
Silas, you were spot on.  Teddy is the best follower.  Today we walked down the block off leash and each and every time I stopped, he sat and looked up at me. You all did it! Five of you being so consistent gave me an obedient dog.  Now I must do my part and build on your efforts.
Day Three: Still not one accident in the house.  Your directions said, “potty after sleep, play, eat”.  Darn simple!
Day Four:  Today Teddy and I showed each other we were serious about our new relationship. He responded to his name over 40 times when I called him and he was welcoming as he met my almost 14 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  Teddy really wants Kip to be his pal but shows friendly caution when meeting a new pooches.
He is so cute and his behavior stunning. Certainly your training, exercise and love has paid off!  I have known many dogs and puppies and never have seen this before!  Thank you so much. You are all amazing with puppies!