Terri Johnson

Gracie is such a delight!  She is so sweet and very playful.  She has grown into the perfect dog!  We just love her so much! She is smart, never has any potty accidents and is so good with kids.  She is also good with our parrots.  She has accepted them into her pack and has never shown any aggression to them. This was such a relief to me, as it was a deciding factor in choosing a Coton.  She loves to have doggie friends come over to play. She absolutely loves going for walks and running at the off leash dog park.  She is an exceptionally fast runner and extremely graceful. It is so fun to watch her bound, bounce and leap through the field and woods.  The dog park regulars all know her by name, she delights all with  her boundless energy and playfulness.  We are so very pleased with our girl from Thompson Cotons.  She is loved very much and spoiled often. We couldn’t be more pleased with our darling girl.