Testimonials Archive

The Bizzarro-Parkin Family

This is the Bizzarro-Parkin family, writing to you about our AMAZING dog, Maple. This is from all of us, but the person writing this is Celeste (10 years old).  Maple is the best dog I could of EVER asked for. And she is VERY VERY VERY smart. Right off the bat, she was learning tricks, and wanting to do challenges. She has learned many tricks such as sit, stay, release, spin, where’s Celeste,(which is where she finds me.) drop it, calm, shake, down, roll over, take a nap, wake up, and dance! She is one SUPER smart dog!

The Nichol Family

Hi Thompson family! Just wanted to give you a quick update on Bo. We feel like we won the puppy lottery! He is such a fun sweet confident little guy. I was worried about how he would react to my 3 year old but I think from day one she is his favorite! Her Crazy running and screaming doesn’t faze him at all.  They are constant buddies. 🙂 Bohdi is kennel trained sleeps all night in his kennel and will go in when he’s tired for a nap. He walks on a leash is close to potty trained and sits lays down comes when we call he’s a quick learner. We’re taking a fun puppy class with his brother Spencer and they loved playing off leash last week. Thanks again for all the love and care you gave Bohdi in his first 9 weeks all that work really shows and paid off. 🙂

David, Renee and Ben

Checkers is such an amazing little puppy! He’s been able to go to the bathroom outside with out any accidents inside, he sleeps through the night, he doesn’t whine in his crate and he seems so happy and outgoing.  He is also calm and loving and we feel so blessed to have him!  We also feel this is all a reflection on the amazing job that you and your family have done raising him and we are so grateful to you!

Anke in Costa Rica

She is just a bundle of fun! She has learned to play fetch, to sit and wait (although her little behind is wiggling), walk heel without leash, and the daily routines she has down to a „t“. When she misbehaves, e.g. eats the cat food, and I look at her with a serious face she disappears straight into her kennel.  She is so intelligent, amazing.

Tracy in Colorado

We will never get another breed from any other breeder.  Jack has stolen our hearts! He is by far the coolest dog we’ve ever had in our family (and we’ve had some wonderful dogs). I’m not sure if it’s weird to say a dog is your best friend but I’m going there. He is snuggly and loving and playful and funny. Even when he is naughty, you can’t help but laugh at what he does. He has a thing for doll hands…he doesn’t chew anything but their hands. We easily corrected him and it’s no longer his thing. But how weird is that. He loves to read books with the kids. He helps our youngest not be scared of the dark when going to bed. Thank you all so much for the love this fuzzy little man has brought into our lives.

Sunni in Colorado

Christine and Thompson Family— I cannot thank you and your family enough for raising Zippy Grif into such a wonderful puppy. He has fit in perfectly and seamlessly. People are amazed that he sleeps through the night, sits before eating and before coming into the house, and even sits when a car goes by while we are out walking! He is the most gentle puppy and we are so in love! People ask me what kind of dog he is and then want to know where to find you!

Carly and Dan in Colorado

We cannot thank you enough for allowing them into our lives. The amount of joy and love they have brought into our small family is enormous and we owe it all to you and your family for raising such good puppies. Each have their own distinct personalities, yet each are sweet, loving, cuddly, and well-behaved. Mollie loves running, chewing bully sticks, taking squeakers out of toys, belly rubs, and blowing bubbles in a baby pool in the yard. Ollie enjoys helping us with yard work, housework, cooking, cruising around the yard, chasing birds, and playing with squeaky toys (before Mollie disembowels them), and cuddling up to Carly and I to watch t.v.. They are the best of friends and roughhouse all day long.

Pam in Colorado

We have two really intelligent german shepherds and I didn’t think ANY dog was smarter than them – however, this little dude takes it to a whole new level! He does sit, stay, come, leave it, shake, down, fetch, drop it (ok, sometimes).  And most times he needed only a couple repetitions.  He rings the bell at the back door when he needs to go out. He goes into his crate sometime after 8 at night until sometime between 6 and 7 in the morning and we never hear a peep from him. He just waits quietly until we open up his cage! Holding it at night for up to 8 hours, very happy about that!  Thank you to you all for the gift of Clyde!

Andrew, New York

She is the most wonderful creature. Words are inadequate to describe how loving and attentive and gentle she is. She is the closest thing to pure perfection we have ever experienced. I say to Stephanie sometimes that Chloe is proof there is a God.

Pat and Sylvia

Marietta (now Alyeska Jubilee) has become the joy of our lives. When she’s excited she twirls clockwise. She smiles when she goes on walks. She loves to cuddle, and is genuinely sweet and loving. We feel we’re definitely a part of her pack, and she has changed our life for the better.